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It's so exciting that you're on the start of your wedding journey and Kellie would love to create the most amazing ceremony for you to remember the most special day where you will have lived, laughed and loved!

If you're dreaming of a ceremony that reflects your unique relationship, personality, spirituality and values then please click on the 'Contact Kellie' tab on the left to discuss with Kellie your ceremony needs.

Kellie Dunn Ceremonies offers a 'no pressure' free first consultation as Kellie strongly believes that you need to find the right celebrant for your special day.

You will then experience Kellie's passion, fun sense of humour and professionalism in helping you start to plan you're amazing ceremony.

Kellie is very experienced when planning and conducting ceremonies and will help guide you every step of the way.

You will receive a wedding ceremony planning manual, which will inspire you both to create the ceremony of your dreams. Kellie offers two more consultations in which to plan and review the ceremony as well as providing qualified guidance in completing all legal aspects of the ceremony and paperwork.

Kellie also provides a 'State of the Art' sound system which has iPod/iPhone connect-ability so we can play whatever music you wish, wherever you choose the ceremony to be!

Kellie would love to hear from you today so that you can start the next part of your journey together. Oh, and Kellie loves planning weddings with a difference!

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